Connecting People and Ideas

People and organizations have limitless opportunity to stretch, grow and achieve. Don’t let others define who you are or how you do things. Let’s work together to realize what is possible.

- Aliki Pappas Weakland, Founder & Director -

Core Engagement LLC is a global consulting firm that works with individuals and organizations to provide innovative leadership, design purposeful strategies and find creative, resilient solutions.

We focus on: Strategic consulting to identify and facilitate opportunities and solutions for organizational and program improvements; Facilitation to foster dynamic, productive, outcome driven meetings; and Leadership development coaching to keep individuals and teams moving forward.

Making connections is at the heart of what we do. We work to bring people and ideas together to make a difference and to move beyond what is to realize what is possible. We do this by stimulating innovative thinking and leadership, promoting a positive and forward-thinking organizational culture, creating the necessary space to move ideas to action, and partnering with others to realize sustainable solutions.

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